Please Note:  This document will change as new information is provide to the preschool.  Please check it often.  Last updated August 30, 2021

With COVID-19 still being a major part of our lives, we  believe children need to be encouraged and challenged and given the opportunity to learn in a safe and healthy and fun environment.  It is so important to us that our preschoolers have the opportunity to grow and be themselves.  We will do our absolute best to ensure their health and safety while enriching their minds!

With that, in addition to some changes we are making and the guidelines set out by the Alberta government and Alberta Health Services, the following guidelines will be in place until further notice:

- Our teachers teach more than one class and may, on occasion, feel it necessary to wear a mask or face shield. Students are not required to wear masks at this time,  however if you feel you would like to teach your child to wear a mask during class time, your child will be supported in that decision.
- Staff and Children will need to have their temperatures taken prior to arriving at school and complete a health checklist.f
Normal temperature range is 35.5-37.5 degrees Celsius.  Please check the instructions with your device for the correct instructions. 
- If 
during class, your child exhibits signs of a fever, the teacher will retake their temperature (please see below for more information on
- All students and staff will wash their hands upon entering the school and through out the class when changing activities. 
- Sub teachers will be required to wear a mask as will parent volunteers and aides in the classroom.

- Toys that can not be cleaned and disinfected will not be used.
- Surfaces will be cleaned throughout class as well as in between classes and a professional clean at the end of the school day.
- Toys will be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.
- Outdoor equipment will be disinfected between classes when it is available for use.

- Drop off and pick up will be the same as last year:  (this may change and parents will be advised of any changes)
      - Teachers will meet families at the front gate (please social distance), check the child into class and ensure the health check has been completed.   Children will start their day outside
      -  At the end of class, teachers will dismiss students from the gate.
      - When possible please have the same parent/guardian pick up and drop off
      - Parents will be discouraged from entering the school at this time.

- Volunteers in the classroom:
       - Parents will be allowed in the classroom to volunteer on their child's special day.  For the health of our teachers and students we would appreciate parents were masked during class time.

- If your child is ill, please have them stay home for the day.  Last year we had the best attendance ever, with less students and teaches missing class time due to illness.
- If your child shows signs of illness while at the school, they will be isolated with supervision and the parents/guardians will be asked to come
   and pick up their child immediately (this is regular protocol).
- No sick child will be able to attend the program.  Stay home and get better quickly so they little ones can return to school.

- Teachers will always be there for your child.  We will be encouraging air fives this year.  How fun will that be?
- Teachers are looking at smaller activities throughout the class and more outside time.

- Field Trips and special guests, will be postponed until Alberta Health Guidance changes.  This will include special concert days and
   occasions (I am sure our teachers are working on a fun way to still bring this to families).

- Physical Distancing: The Alberta Government recognizes that children of preschool age find it very hard to social distance.  This is why we
   are picking up on our cleaning routines and we will be encouraging small group activities and outside time.  In addition, where possible, we
   will be spacing the children further apart then normal.

- Please leave all non essential personal items and home.  We are working on other show and tell activities to work on their public speaking
   skills.  More news will come at the start of the school year.

- If your family travels during the school year, your child will need to follow all Canada Health & Alberta Health Guidelines for quarantine upon
   return home.    There will be no reduction in class fees.

- What happens if a case of COVID is identified at the school?
   - We will communicate with parents.
   - If 2 or more children are identified as having symptoms consistent with COVID-19, the preschool will follow outbreak notification
     procedures as per routine zone protocols.  
   - We will follow Alberta Health Services mandate and instructions and close down for a minimum 72 hours so they can conduct contract
     tracing and repeat a through cleaning of the facility and any other recommendations provided to us from Alberta Health Services.

  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school at  We are happy to answer all