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I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support and kindness you have gave to our son.  Our son has had a remarkable year of growth.  We have celebrated so many milestones through his academic learning through purposeful play.  Thank you for providing a wonderful community and place to be welcomed.  We will be forever grateful for your patience, encouragement, kindness and supportiveness.  You are very talented and gifted teachers.  

From the beginning of Serendipity you both went above and beyond for our son. It gave us the opportunity to witness the wonderful progress our son was making.  I admire you both so much and your unique ability to make each child feel so special and important.

You will hold a very special place in our hearts and will forever remember you helping us overcome the challenges this past year.  


The school is wonderful and your child will love it.  Our daughter comes home singing and teaching us all kinds of things.  The teachers care for them so much and we are grateful for each of them.    Jennifer

We have been thrilled with every aspect of our daughter’s experience at Serendipity Pre-Kindergarten! The educators are highly skilled at providing engaging play-based learning experiences that honor the unique developmental needs of young learners. Further, each educator has gone out of their way to really get to know our daughter and build a positive relationship of trust and caring. It has been wonderful to see the resultant growth in her confidence, learning and social skills. At the end of each preschool day, our daughter is always excited to tell us about the new things she has learned and the fun experiences she has had with her friends. We are grateful to the entire Serendipity Pre-Kindergarten team for providing such a positive and enriching start to our daughter’s school experience.         Chelsea & Vamsi


Thank you for a wonderful first year at Serendipity Preschool! The teachers are all so great with the kids and we appreciate all their hard work and dedication in a year that has not been easy!

The environment at Serendipity school offers comfort, engagement, fun, and so many unique opportunities to learn through play.
Two out of three of our children have attended the school and our third son will too. The teachers are incredible with years of experience, warm welcoming arms and they are clearly doing what they love.
We have recommended this school many times over the years and will continue to do so.

Serendipity has been so refreshing for our son. He looks forward to school everyday he attends and always has something new to share about what he learned! His printing has come such a long way as well. Extremely impressed by the effort the teacher/EA has put into this school year. Can’t wait for next year!

Serendipity has given my son a wonderful start to his education. The learning through play philosophy means that he looks forward to school. Their learning is celebrated and there is a great deal of joy in the classroom. The educators are mature, educated, patient, and endlessly kind, and offered insights and feedback on my son’s behaviour and development that I hadn’t observed. He has gained important social skills and learning habits that he will take into the four year old pre-K, kindergarten and beyond. 

Serendipity has been a blessing for us as a family. Mrs. Deardoff and Mrs. Manning have the patience of saints and loved and respected our daughter while guiding her through an exciting learning journey. We will be forever grateful to Serendipity for two wonderful initial years of our daughters school journey. We could not have found a better school or teachers.

Thank you so much for being there for my little dude today and all his big emotions. This year was nothing short of amazing! You made it a place where he wanted to go everyday!  Sheena

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